A Planned Planet


When I see you walk through
The breakage I have sealed
How do I rub the memories off
Making you strong and healed? 
My mind may suddenly ask
One day when I wake up
To one new world, to a new mask. 

When I see you passing by
My entangled memories get a sudden high 
With the lowest low of tower
How do I help you a broken sigh
How will I get sleep without dreams
If dreams only pass by

Humanity has no anger
Humans emit its danger
Procure a sky clearer than earth. 
Find me a brook who floods blood.
Amass an earth with no peace.
If only children play in the mud.


That Unique Crush

I had a crush on a girl on my campus in the Autumn of 2010 who wore a smile broader than a galaxy, eyes with an ocean of surprises and talked with nothing insensible. She drove down my gear-less heart so fast, as if I left a part of my body under the sheer cover of ice and mind in the fairyland.


Time never relapsed. We spoke for hours. The air we breathed of each other’s smell gave us the sense of togetherness. Stood under a tree till the morning at her mohalla, giving the hawkers all the more reasons to stare at us. Her friend wanted to steal me away from her. Great god, she was not single then. Later I heard, my eyes did the magic.


“I will ride”, said a very confident voice and although fearful, I sat quietly behind her on my broken “Blush” and we rode to the cafeteria of City International Airport to have their very famous Maggi with her classmates who were my seniors. Possibly that was our first date! Breathed the air from her hair every time I sat behind her on my scooter granted me another life.

Shared our plates at almost every restaurant in the town, gave us unwanted weights which we obviously ignored.

We found love in each other and stopped loving ourselves.

Days and nights were same for us. Things stopped bothering us. And we were in a relationship. We both became the reason for the destruction of each other. Never realized the love we were sailing was already sunk under fear. Fear of rejection, fear of insecurities, fear of cheating. We failed to understand the friendship that was more delighted in any kind of relationship.

I lost someone really close to me during our initial days of dating. Shadow was she of mine, did not make me realize I lost my father. A new daughter was born to my parents in those days. She was the swan of elegance and care.

If you do not know the smell of your spouse then you need to move on. Tempted strawberry skin that appealed my nostrils and ignited each gland inside. She was my river of pride, virtue, and hormones. Always furious with turns and twists. Sailing a few boats on it. Here boats are the friends and possessions she owned. Never can you worry to drown down. Her hair; the gorgeous medusa of my fantasy, took away all my agony and disbelief every time we fought.

Mistakes were certainly made between us. And I won that match of making it to the most. If only ‘sorry’ could help and nourish any relationship, I would have made a castle full of regrets.

Wishing my crush a beautiful Birthday!



Being Drapetomaniac

Drapetomania  (n) an overwhelming urge to run away, to escape.


Skedaddle to a new universe. Pluck the sweet ones, let the ripe ones to bloom.


The world has a gargantuan appetite. Color the dry leaves, let the green to live.


Vamoose in the solitude of freedom to savor your fear of objection.


Incept the journey, believe in your roots.

There is ‘can’ in cancer

I could not resist myself to go live with this post on World Cancer Day. This sweet poem is written by Dr. Rama Sivaram who is a survivor herself and a member of the Nag Foundation and takes care of health education and massage and lymphedema therapy.

Let’s broaden our smile an inch more.

A PROMISE TO MYSELF  by Dr. Rama Sivaram

Winter set in wearing her bridal white 

Stripped and bare yet full of light 

No leafy adornment upon the trees 

As the blizzard sweeps across to freeze 

Every dewdrop that comes in its trail 

Turning it to icy sequins upon the veil 

As I sit by my window reading Frost 

One of the two roads in which I was lost 

An occasional glance outside the window 

Snow white, untrodden with nowhere to go 

A canvas primed to paint a new scene 

Landscape with new road – I’ve never been 

Dotted with milestones, resting viewpoint new 

Kissed by a winter sun and morning dew 

Unknown road winding through a wood 

I stopped at the turning and just stood 

A lifescape tapestry with singing birds 

Scattered fragments, Frostbitten words 

 ‘The woods are lovely, dark and deep 

But I have promises to keep, 

and miles to go before I sleep’ 

A rooster atop the steeple tall and high 

Crowing ‘Arise arise, never say die’ 

My promise is to paint the road, I choose 

Celebrating life and chasing away blues 

Bring spring in my canvas of bridal white 

Adorn it with darling buds of daffodils bright 

A new beginning, rebirth and new life 

Strength to endure and overcome strife 

Blue iris scattered along the hemming – way 

Symbols of Faith, hope, and courage for every day 

Dotted Golden buttons-tansy around for health 

For longevity with quality, my true wealth 

Sweet Dandelions oracles of time and love 

Scattered on the bodice just above 

My canvas is painted to usher in a new year 

Filled with promise to heal and no fear 

I saw myself as the canvas I painted with care 

And I am satisfied with what I see there 

There is one more thing I need to do 

That’s very important to me and you 

I took my brush and didn’t stop to think 

I just painted a RIBBON in PINK.

“During my own journey,  the roles were reversed.  I became the patient. and I realized the big gaps that exist and gave up my positions, profession etc and simply committed myself to the cause.   My own experience and the added empathy connecting to my patients  is both stressful and satisfying;  stressful, because of the BIG FEAR of the BIG C and satisfying because  every patient has a will and reason to live for themselves and their dear ones. I became a role model for them- that hope that one day they too will join this fight against the BIG C  and celebrate their survivorship.  Each person began discovering their potential  and each person makes an effort to shake out of their Rip Van Winkle state. Every woman in her own way makes an effort to be like Alice- in her own wonderland in discovering herself and adapting to her new self.”, said Dr. Sivaram.

I say, there is an ocean, why not take a dip from the shore and come out with a pearl.



How do you manage the smile on u?
Teach me how you do it.
How do you clear your thoughts in mind?
Teach me how you do it.
How do you disappear at a glance?
Teach me how you do it.
How you manage to wipe the tear off your face?
Teach me hard, I cant.
How shall you remember me when I grow old?
Teach me! How will I see you die?
When I have left my body just when i left your body.
How will I disgrace myself hating your killer?
Teach me, mother!
Why have they killed us?
Why don’t we have existence?
Dear son, When disasters come,
Do you think any of the insects have
Their existence?
They haven’t killed you
They killed me. You will be alive forever.



Interfering has no knowledge
unless you find the gain to it
yet, you have no knowledge
unless you find the meaning of it.
Meaning has no offence, unless
It becomes a fact, still
You will be quite,
You will be silent,
You will always have the blood on your wave.
Coz, we have the no knowledge.

We have the knowledge
Yet, you will carry us.
We give you the pain,
We fight you the gain,
Find us the knowledge,
Give us the strength.
We still will fight you the gain
Coz, we know the knowledge.

How do we define religion?
A barrier, will you need a border?
Humanity has no anger,
Humans emit it’s danger.
Flags have made us stronger.
Languages have abated us.
Religions have cohered us
If we didn’t have knowledge,
How we wish!

Life is a Defensive Art

One day you wake up to a new one. Thinking very hard where is your shadow falling. Deep thoughts are covering up your grey cells. A new imagination wakes up to a new hope. New light emits new darkness. With each blink of your eyes, you get new question about your existence. Sadness takes over a new life. Thus, a new life is born.


I look to the table watch. This time is set by us. This day is set by us. This year is decided by us. What is the actual day, date, time? Visually thinking our tiny existence in the space. Suddenly, I feel feared and I certainly achieve the present world. Gotta go office!!


Energies are easily transferable to its source. You must have been granted at least one wish which you had practically demanded from GOD. No???

What happens when you curse others. Does a mirror need another mirror to look at itself? Which mirror will be in the other mirror?


Life is a defensive art. We all create art on a single thread of life. When you think you already create, its done. Creation is just the movement. Revolution is thus understood.



Religious Soul

Alluring love that heats up the sheet, finding ones soul would beat up the heat. Lets call upon the real you and start finding the soul. SOUL.. that gives you strength or the one weakens you? Finding a soul has never been so easy, yet simpler. DIY reduces the discrepancies of souls. HOW?


Where are you? Thinking twice on this question leads you to the step one. Falling from a cliff is easy than being under water. You hold your breath for a longer time. Does your soul stay breathless? When you fall off a cliff, you feel lighter. Does that mean it goes out of your body. Does not soul have gravity?


Featured-Image-Divi-14-1080x675Sleeping in deep thoughts, leads to a dread-full dreamland. You try to run but you can’t move an inch. Is it the soul that runs? What are you feared of in the dream? Subconscious takes over conscious and you are jacked. Higher the low, lower the feel and lower the high, higher the feel.


maxresdefault.jpgStaircase to the garden and you are given unalike chances. Fear of being has ended every possibilities in ridding the thoughts. Would you be single enough to handle the hafted relationship with your soul? Relative sources always give you a turn. A turn that is way disparate than a twist. Your mind can not make a judgement. It is the soul who cinches? REALLY? Do souls get hardons?


soul-ages               Situations fall back to the river of misfortune. Ever thought, who counts your heart beats? Heart that falls on ground never gets up in heaven. Thoughts that ground have emitted fearless ageing. Do souls age?


26soul.xlarge1Apotheosize a spirit dwelling. Resisting the happenings around you have given out a simpler version of existence. Pertaining to thought leads to a world with no recognition. With a simpler question, do souls have brain?

A friend of mine  has given me thoughts. I regularize and respond. Are the souls talking?

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